Get Computers For Free

Tons of places online offer computers for free, but are these real or are these scams? Believe it or not most are real. Can you imagine getting your first free laptop online? I know it would shock most normal people but with how businesses operate these days, and especially in the internet world, it shouldn’t anymore.

Even the new Microsoft Windows, also known as Windows 7, caused the large Bill Gates Company to give away 400 free laptops. Can you imagine getting these computers for free? As with Microsoft, what they are looking for is feedback on the software they released… some of the recipients even received airtime on a commercial for the product. Do you think this is something you could do? I once received dbdata.dll download a free antenna booster from AT&T because I had bad cell phone service in my house. The requirement for keeping this $150 product was a 5 minute phone call after using it for 6 weeks. No bad in my opinion.

These days I like to use feedback and survey websites to get my computers for free. The computer I am typing on now was free and it is a brand new Dell! These feedback companies take all the information they gather for your demographic and sell it to companies interested in marketing better to your segment. They first require you to complete the requirements which involve, your name, age, shipping, and many questions about what you are interested in or not. Sometimes they may require you to do a bit more work, but you can complete them generally in one hour.