Buy Diamond Online – Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Diamond Online

When you are looking to buy diamond online jewelry, whether it’s an engagement ring, a necklace, a loose diamond to be set into a ring at a later time, or anything else, the process is a little different from what you would go through in a store. In a jewelry shop, you have trained salespeople available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. On the other hand, if you are trying to buy diamond online jewelry,the only person you have to rely on is yourself. This means you have to know what you are looking for, as well as some of the terminology used to talk about diamonds.


One of the biggest words when talking about diamonds is the carat of the stone. This refers to the mass, or weight, of the diamond. Naturally, all other things being equal the larger the carat the more expensive the diamond. However, a bigger diamond does not necessarily mean it will look better than a smaller one, since there are many other factors to consider. diamond 4c   In addition, if buying jewelry that contains more than one diamond, pay attention to the “total carat weight” if it is listed. This combines the carats of each diamond in the piece of jewelry, so do not make the mistake of thinking it refers to each stone individually.


The cut of a diamond does not actually refer to its shape, although the two are often confused. Instead, a diamond’s cut has more to do with angles and mathematics. A well-cut diamond will reflect light much more brilliantly than a poorly cut one, thus making it far more attractive to most viewers. There is some subjectivity involved, however, in determining what qualifies as an ideal cut.


Color is a straightforward quality in diamonds. They exist in many different colors, but rarity and demand affect the relative prices of each. Colorless diamonds, also called white diamonds, have no imperfections in their chemical makeup and so are very expensive. Impurities in the diamond will cause it to be other colors, such as yellow or pink. While these diamonds are not as “perfect” as the colorless diamonds, some colors are still rare and/or highly sought after for jewelry. In the end, personal preference should play the biggest role in the color chosen.


A measurement of the flaws of a diamond is called its clarity. The fewer flaws a diamond has, the more rare it is and the more expensive. If a diamond has a large number of flaws they can be seen with the naked eye, and may not be appropriate for most jewelry.


The traditional shape for diamonds is round, but there are many others available as well. Different cuts accentuate certain features of a diamond. Which shape you should choose is entirely up to personal preference, but take into consideration how the diamond looks, or will look, in its setting, and not just how it looks on its own.

Tips For Buying Online

When you buy diamond online, be sure to buy only from reputable sources. Ask for recommendations from friends who have bought online, or check reviews online for companies you are interested in. Any diamond you purchase should have been certified by a major, well-respected grading institution such as the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the retailer before purchase. And be sure to pay with a credit card, which will offer you some protection if everything does not go as planned.